Applications of class IIa bacteriocins and their producing organisms to control the growth of food-borne pathogens and LAB

BacteriocinProducer strain(s)Food treated for targeting of the following organism(s):Reference(s)
Listeria monocytogenesClostridium botulinumStaphylococcus aureusLAB
Divercin V41Carnobacterium divergens V41Smoked salmon50
Enterocin AEnterococcus faecium CTC 492Dry fermented sausage6
Enterocin CCM 4231Enterococcus faecium CCM 4231Dry fermented sausage115
Soy milkSoy milk114
Leucocin ALeuconostoc gelidum UAL187Ground beef146
Beef slices116
Leucocin A-4010Leuconostoc carnosum 4010Cooked sausage24
MundticinEnterococcus mundtii ATO6Mung bean sprouts14
Pediocin PA-1/AcHPediococcus acidilacticiCheeseCheese157
Frankfurters28, 45
Chicken summer sausage9
Red smear cheese119
Chilled soup159
Piscicolin 126Carnobacterium maltaromaticum JG126Ham paste95
Camembert cheese188
Piscicosin CS526Carnobacterium pisciola CS526Surimi191
Plantaricin 423Lactobacillus plantarum 423Ostrich meat salami47
Sakacin A or K or curvacin ALactobacillus sakei 790 and Lactobacillus curvatus LTH 1174Chicken cold cuts185
Lactobacillus sakei CTC 494Raw minced pork, poultry, cooked pork89
Cooked pork7
Sakacin P or bavaricin ALactobacillus sakei 790Cold smoked salmon1, 104
Lactobacillus sakei MI401Brined shrimp54