Genes and operons in gram-positive bacteriaa containing functional cre's or being regulated by the P-Ser-HPr:CcpA complex

OrganismGene/operonFunctioncre sequencebCcpA effectcReference(s)
B. megaterium bamM β-Amylase+48TGTTAACGCTTTCA+61 457
B. megaterium mbgA β-Galactosidase−34TGATAAGGTTTTCA−21 803
B. megaterium mbgA β-Galactosidase−21AGAAAACGTTATCA−8 803
B. megaterium xyl Xylose metabolism+124TGAAAGCGCAAACA+137 290
B. thuringiensis cry4A Cry4A toxinNI 399
C. perfringens cpe EnterotoxinNI+ 913
C. saccharobutylicum staA Starch degradationNI 162
E. faecalis bkd β-Keto acid metabolismNI 933
E. faecalis galKETR Galactose metabolismNI 453
E. faecalis gdh dhaK Glycerol dehydrogenase/dihydroxyacetone kinaseNI 453
E. faecalis ?Glucose starvation-induced proteinsNI 453
E. faecalis ldh Lactate dehydrogenaseNI 453
E. faecalis pfk Phosphofructo kinaseNI 453
E. faecalis pyk Pyruvate kinaseNI 453
E. faecalis ?Serine dehydrataseNI 453
L. casei nag N-AcetylglucosaminidaseNI 568, 796
L. casei lac Lactose metabolismNI 568
L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus ccpA Catabolism repressionNI 574
L. delbrueckii subsp. lactis pepQ Peptidase−61TGCAATCGCTTACA−48+ 799
L. lactis las GlycolysisNI+ 494
L. lactis gal Galactose metabolismNI 494
L. lactis ptbA bglH β-Glucoside metabolismNI 569
L. lactis fruRCA Fructose metabolismNI 45
L. monocytogenes ?β-GlucosidaseNI 50
L. pentosus xpkA Xylulose-5-P phosphoketolaseNI 674
L. pentosus xylAB Xylose metabolismNI 489
L. plantarum bglH P-β-glucosidase−3TGTAAGGGCTATCA+11 511, 512
S. aureus pckA PEP carboxy kinaseNI 791
S. bovis ccpA CcpA−68TGAAAAGGTTTTCA-54+ 27
S. bovis ldh Lactate dehydrogenaseNI 27
S. bovis pfl Pyruvate formate lyaseNI+ 27
S. gordonii abpA Amylase bindingNI 733
S. gordonii arcA Arginine deiminaseNI 195
S. mutans fruA Fructan hydrolase−164AGATAGCGCTTACA−150 93, 946
S. mutans ftf FructosyltransferaseNI+ 88
S. mutans gtfBC GlucosyltransferaseNI+ 88
S. pneumoniae cps Capsular polysaccharideNI+ 273
S. rattus arcA Arginine deiminaseNI 298
S. thermophilus lacSZ Lactose metabolismNI 897
S. thermophilus ldh Lactate dehydrogenaseNI 897
S. xylosus ?β-GlucoronideNI 204
S. xylosus ccpA Catabolic repressorNI 204
S. xylosus lacPH Lactose metabolismNI 46
S. xylosus mal Maltose metabolism−58TGCAAACGCTTGCA−45 204
Consensus sequenceTGWNANCGNTNWCA 939
  • a Except B. subtilis (for this organism, see references 178, 575, and 980).

  • b The numbers indicate the position with respect to the transcription initiation site. NI means not experimentally identified.

  • c CcpA acts either as catabolite activator (+) or as catabolite repressor (−).