General features of bifidobacterial genomes

MicroorganismStatusaGenome size (bp)No. of ORFs% G+C contentNo. of rRNA operonsbReference
B. longum biotype longum NCC2705C2,266,0001,730604384
B. longum biotype longum DJO10AUF2,375,8001,811594NCBI source NZ_AABM00000000
B. adolescentis ATCC15703C2,084,4451,564595NCBI source NC_008618
B. breve UCC2003C2,422,6681,868592254
B. dentium Bd1UF∼2,600,000∼2,27059.2NANCBI source (project ID 17583)
  • a C, finished; UF, unfinished.

  • b NA, not available.