General features of corynebacterial plasmids sequenced in the course of genome projects

CorynebacteriumPlasmid namePlasmid size (bp)% G+C contentNo. of genesCoding density (%)Plasmid familyaReplication modecProminent featuresReference sequenceReference
C. efficiens YS-314pEC223,74354.41573pNG2RCRCrypticNC_004319316
pEC348,67256.44173pNG2RCRmrr-like restriction system, genes involved in metal transport and homeostasisNC_004320316
C. jeikeium K411pKW414,32353.81671pNG2bRCRbls gene cluster and aucA gene for bacteriocin synthesisNC_003080427
  • a The plasmid family designation is according to the recently published classification scheme for corynebacterial plasmids (423).

  • b Plasmid pKW4 codes for a second replication initiator protein (RepW) with a motif typical of the pCRY4 plasmid family (429).

  • c RCR, rolling-circle replication.