General features of transposons detected in C. glutamicum and C. jeikeium

TransposonTransposon size (bp)Target site duplication (bp)% G+C contentCDS at:Prominent features of the central regionReference
Left endRight end
TnCg13,148861.0cg2756cg2758Cryptic; putative membrane protein of unknown function214
Tn35952,463664.2jk0815jk0817Putative glyoxylase/bleomycin resistance protein and AraC-type transcriptional regulator427
Tn359633,607860.1jk1767jk1791Siderophore biosynthesis genes and iron acquisition system427
Tn3597a6,543358.4jk0015jk0021NRAMP manganese uptake system MntH1, Nudix hydrolase Utp1, and TetR-type transcriptional regulator427
Tn3597b6,541358.4jk0621jk0627NRAMP manganese uptake system MntH2, Nudix hydrolase Utp2, and TetR-type transcriptional regulator427
Tn359812,021865.2jk0360jk0370TetAB-type ABC transport system and undecaprenyl pyrophosphate phosphatase UppP2427
Tn35993,749659.1jk1402jk1405Chloramphenicol exporter (MFS type)427