State of genomic sequencing of streptomycetes

MicroorganismAccession no.Main referenceComments
S. coelicolor [M145 derivative of A3(2)]AL645882 ( Mb, 72.1% GC, TIRs 21.7 kb, 7,826 genes, 146 (2%) with TTA; plasmids SCP1 (linear, 365 kb) and SCP2 (circular, 31 kb)
S. avermitilis ATCC 31267BA000030 ( Mb, 70.7% GC, TIRs 174 bp, 7,575 genes, 260 (3%) with TTA; plasmid SAP1 (linear, 94 kb)
S. venezuelae ATCC 10595Diversa Corp., unpublished; M. J. Bibb, personal communicationSequence completed but not publicly available
S. scabies ATCC49173 Loria and S. D. Bentley, personal communication10.1 Mb, TIRs 18.5 kb
S. peucetius ATCC 27952(331)8.7 Mb; sequence completed but not publicly available
S. ambofaciens ATCC 23877AM238663 (left end), AM238664 (right end)(76)TIRs ca. 198 kb; complete sequence of chromosome ends (1,544 kb and 1,367 kb), partial sequence of central region
S. griseus IFO13350Y. Ohnishi and S. Horinouchi, personal communicationSequence completed in 2006, to be published