X-ray data collection and refinement statistics of the R. palustris RLP2 structure

Wavelength (Å)0.9537
Temp (K)100
Space groupP212121
Cell parameter (Å)
Resolution (Å)103.1-3.3 (3.4-3.3)
No. of reflections
Completenessa (%)99.7 (99.5)
<I/σ>a9.6 (3.8)
R sym a (%)16.4 (46.7)
Model refinement
    R/Rfreea (%)20.3/23.2 (26.8/30.1)
    No. of protein atoms13,016
    RMS bond length (Å)0.012
    RMS bond angles (°)1.396
Ramachandran plot [no. of residues (%)]
    Most favored1,236 (88.0)
    Additional allowed147 (10.5)
    Generously allowed17 (1.2)
    Disallowed4 (0.3)
  • a Statistics for the outer resolution shell are given in parentheses.

  • b R sym = Σ(I − <I>)2I2; R, R factor; Rfree, subset of reflections not included in structure refinement; I, intensity of reflections; RMS, root mean square.