Attributes of mycobacterial PG and their biological significance

Mycobacterial PG attributeCommon PG attribute in other bacteriaBiological significance
DAP-DAP and DAP-Ala peptide cross-linkageDAP-Ala peptide cross-linkageMay provide increased rigidity to the PG to help survive stressful conditions
N-Glycoylmuramic acid and NAMNAMCould tighten the PG sacculus by providing more opportunities for hydrogen bonding and increase resistance to β-lactams and lysozyme
Amidated l-Glu and DAPAmidated l-Glu and DAPMay play a role in the regulation of cross-linking and could increase resistance to hydrolysis by specific endopeptidases, as seen with the amidation of PG sugar residues increasing resistance to muramidase
d-Glutamate or l-alanine modified with glycineNo modificationUnknown