Cross-genome comparison of N metabolism gene contents among Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus strains

Genus and strain (clade)Presencea of:
ntcA, cluster 468amt, cluster 244amtb, cluster 8701glnA, cluster 103glnAb, cluster 2090, 2505, 6741, or 8855glnB, cluster 186glnBb, cluster 2023pipX, cluster 1044glsFc, cluster 134glsFb, cluster 9009gdhA, cluster 1539 or 3700ured, clusters 1358-1364speA, cluster 415speB, cluster 392 or 2247cynS, cluster 1552carAB, cluster 783 or 962dadA, cluster 377nadB, cluster 196thiO, cluster 417
    CC9311 (I)e2
    CC9605 (II)2
    WH8102 (III)e2
    CC9902 (IV)
    BL107 (IV)
    WH7803 (V)2
    WH7805 (VI)2
    RS9917 (VIII)2f
    RS9916 (IX)
    WH5701 (5.2)4g22
    MED4 (HLI)
    MIT9515 (HLI)
    AS9601 (HLII)
    MIT9215 (HLII)
    MIT9301 (HLII)
    MIT9312 (HLII)
    NATL1A (LLI)
    NATL2A (LLI)
    SS120 (LLII)
    MIT9211 (LLIII)
    MIT9303 (LLIV)
    MIT9313 (LLIV)
  • a The presence of a single gene is indicated by a closed circle. Where multiple genes are present, the number is given. −, absent.

  • b amt, glnA, glnB, and glsF homologs.

  • c Synonyms gltS, gltB.

  • d ureABCDEFG.

  • e Frameshifted ORF.

  • f There is also a potential second copy of gdh encoded by RS9917_05900 (cluster 4952).

  • g One of these is interrupted by a transposase.