Genes encoding catalytic subunits of eukaryotic DNA translesion polymerases

PolymeraseGene in:
S. cerevisiaeS. pombeD. melanogasterMouseHuman
Pol ζREV3rev3+mus205/dmREV3Rev3REV3L
Pol κdinB+/mug40+Polκ/DinB1DINB1
Pol ηRAD30eso1+aDNApolPolηRAD30A/XPV
Pol ιDNApolPolιRAD30B
  • a S. pombe eso1+ contains two separable protein domains. The amino-terminal end is homologous to Pol η and exhibits in vivo phenotypes and in vitro activities similar to those of Pol η homologs in other organisms (152, 241). The carboxy-terminal end is comprised of an essential sister chromatid cohesion protein (152).