Distribution of Fe and Zn related gene orthologs in marine picocyanobacterial genomes

Genus and strain (clade)Presencea of:
feoB, cluster 2464futA,b cluster 68futB, cluster 639futC, cluster 8066Ferritin /bacterio-ferritin, cluster 1204, 2936, or 7301Crp1390, cluster 1390dpsA, cluster 1889Putative Fe-regulated hydroxylase, cluster 1755PSI-associated pcb/isiA superfamily, cluster 173/9095isiB, cluster 1833fur, cluster 956zur, cluster 397fur-type, cluster 1492smtA (Zn), cluster 2886znuA, cluster 919znuA-like, cluster 2462smtB
    CC9311 (I)54
    CC9605 (II)23c
    WH8102 (III)
    CC9902 (IV)
    BL107 (IV)
    WH7803 (V)
    WH7805 (VI)2
    RS9917 (VIII)?d22
    RS9916 (IX)2
    WH5701 (5.2)3e2
    RCC307 (5.3)2e
Synechocystis sp. strain PCC680322isiA
    MED4 (HLI)
    MIT9515 (HLI)pcbB
    AS9601 (HLII)pcbB
    MIT9215 (HLII)pcbB
    MIT9301 (HLII)pcbB
    MIT9312 (HLII)pcbB
    NATL1A (LLI)pcbC
    NATL2A (LLI)pcbC
    SS120 (LLII)pcbC
    MIT9211 (LLIII)pcbC
    MIT9303 (LLIV)2pcbB
    MIT9313 (LLIV)2pcbB
  • a The presence of a single gene is indicated by a closed circle. Where multiple genes are present, the number is given. −, absent.

  • b It is not possible to determine a homolog of futA2 (slr0513), although there are two distinct groups.

  • c One copy is interrupted by a stop codon so may be a pseudogene.

  • d Synechococcus sp. strain RS9917 contains two ORFs that are N- and C-terminal halves of an FeoB transporter but which are interrupted by transposase elements.

  • e WH5701 and RCC307 contain a bacterioferritin most closely related to genes from heterotrophic bacteria.