Completed or ongoing bifidobacterial genome projects

OrganismStrainStatus of projectSequence availabilityaSize (Mb)bInstitutioncReference or GenBank accession no.
B. adolescentis ATCC 15703CompleteYes2.09Gifu University, JapanAP009256d
L2-32OngoingYes2.39Washington University, USA
B. angulatum DSM 20098OngoingYes2.00Washington University, USA
JCM7096OngoingNo2.00University of Tokyo, Japan
B. animalis subsp. lactisAD011CompleteYes1.93KRIBB, South Korea 141
Bb-12CompleteYes1.94Integrated Genomics, Inc./Chr. Hansen, USA 92
Bl-04CompleteYes1.94Danisco/Penn State University, USA 17
DSM 10140CompleteYes1.94Danisco/Penn State University, USA 17
HN019OngoingYes1.92Fonterra Research Center, New Zealand
V9OngoingYes1.94Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China
B. bifidum BGN4OngoingNoKRIBB, South Korea
DSM 20456OngoingNoWashington University, USA
JCM1255OngoingYes2.00University of Tokyo, Japan
NCIMB 41171OngoingYes2.19Broad Institute, USA
B. breve DSM 20213OngoingYes2.30Washington University, USA
JCM1192OngoingYes2.00University of Tokyo, Japan
UCC2003OngoingNo2.42University College, Cork, Ireland
B. catenulatum DSM 16992OngoingYes2.06Washington University, USA
JCM1194OngoingYes2.00University of Tokyo, Japan
B. dentium ATCC 27678OngoingYes2.62Washington University, USA
ATCC 27679OngoingNoBCM-HGSC, USA
Bd1CompleteYes2.64University of Parma, Italy 335
JCM1195OngoingNoUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
JCVIHMP022OngoingNoJ. Craig Venter Institute, USA
JCVIHMP023OngoingNoJ. Craig Venter Institute, USA
B. gallicum DSM 20093OngoingYes2.02Washington University, USA
B. longum subsp. longumBORIOngoingNoKRIBB, South Korea
DJO10ACompleteYes2.38JGI/University of Minnesota, USA 161
NCC2705CompleteYes2.26Nestle/ University of Georgia, USA 275
JDM301OngoingYes2.48Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
B. longum subsp. infantis157F-NCOngoingNoUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
ATCC 15697CompleteYes2.83JGI/UC Davis, USA 280
ATCC 55813OngoingYes2.37BCM-HGSC, USA
CCUG 52486OngoingYes2.45Broad Institute, USA
JCM1217OngoingNoUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
JCM1222OngoingNoUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
B. pseudocatenulatum DSM 20438OngoingYes2.30Washington University, USA
B. scardovii JCM12489OngoingNoUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
Bifidobacterium sp.12_1_47BFAAOngoingNoBroad Institute, USA
HM5OngoingNoUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
JCM15439OngoingNoUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
  • a Complete or draft genome sequences are available in the GenBank database and the Human Metagenome Consortium Japan (HMCJ) database.

  • b Approximate size.

  • c KRIBB, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology; BCM-HGSC, Baylor College of Medicine-Human Genome Sequencing Center; JGI, Joint Genome Institute, U.S. Department of Energy.

  • d Published in GenBank only.