General characteristics of bifidobacterial genomes

B. adolescentis ATCC 15703B. longum subsp. longumB. longum subsp. infantis ATCC 15697B. dentium Bd1B. animalis subsp. lactis
DJO10ANCC2705AD011Bl-04DSM 10140Bb-12
Length (bp)2,089,6452,375,7922,256,6402,832,7482,636,3671,933,6951,938,7091,938,4831,942,198
Overall G+C content (%)59.1860.1560.1259.8658.9460.4960.4860.4860.48
No. of plasmids021000000
No. of annotated genes1,6311,9901,7272,4162,1291,5281,5671,5661,642
Avg gene length (bp)1,1091,0311,1159971,0661,0701,0641,0621,063
Gene density (no. of genes/kb)0.7800.8380.7650.8520.8070.7900.8080.8070.845
Gene coding content (%)86.586.485.385.186.184.686.085.889.9
Gene G+C content (%)60.0861.1360.8660.7059.3261.4761.4061.4061.11
No. of rRNA gene operons54444 (+ 1 5S rRNA gene)2 (+ 1 5S rRNA gene)444
No. of prophage-like elements011 (remnant)41 complete + 1 remnant1 (remnant)1 (remnant)1 (remnant)1 (remnant)
No. of tRNAs545857795552525252
No. of tRNA synthetases202021191921191919
No. of MICs043000000
No. of CRISPRs1 (86 repeats)1 (43 repeats)002 (17 and 81 repeats)1 (20 repeats)1 (22 repeats)1 (20 repeats)1 (20 repeats)
No. of oligonucleotide clustersa1011711107777
No. of polyol clustersb110010000
  • a Number of predicted oligosaccharide and other complex carbohydrate utilization gene clusters.

  • b Number of predicted polyol utilization gene clusters.