R-M systems in nine complete genomes of bifidobacteria

R-M system or analogLocus taga
B. longum subsp. longumB. longum subsp. infantis ATCC 15697B. adolescentis ATCC 15703B. dentium Bd1B. animalis subsp. lactis AD011, Bl-04, DSM 10140, and Bb-12
Type I systems
Type II analogsb
    EcoRI-RNDNDBlon_1196 (truncated)cNDNDBLA_0644, Balac_1446, Balat_1446, BIF_00872
    EcoRI-MNDNDBlon_1197NDNDBLA_0645, Balac_1447, Balat_1447, BIF_01894
  • a ND, not detected.

  • b R and M represent restriction enzymes and methyltransferases for type II R-M systems, respectively.

  • c This pseudogene is truncated by insertion of an IS element.