Zika virus-neutralizing activities of selected monoclonal antibodies with different degrees of flavivirus cross-reactivity

MAbEpitopeIC50aVirus eliciting antibodySourceZika virus strain in NTbReference
Zika-dengue virus cross-neutralization
    C8EDE0.09514Dengue virusHumanH/PF 201366
    C10EDE0.0639Dengue virusHumanH/PF 201366
Zika virus type specific
    ZKA64DIII1.033155Zika virusHumanH/PF 2013122
    ZKA190DIII0.0812Zika virusHumanH/PF 2013122
    ZV-67DIII0.953143Zika virusMouseH/PF 201374
    ZKA185Complexc0.08713Zika virusHumanH/PF 2013122
    ZKA230Complexc0.06710Zika virusHumanH/PF 2013122
    ZIKV-117Complexd0.0365.4Zika virusHumanH/PF 2013123
Broadly flavivirus cross-reactive
    B12FLE>1,000>150,000Dengue virusHumanH/PF 201366
    2A10G6FLE1,667250,000Dengue virusMouseSZ0165
  • a IC50 values (50% inhibitory concentrations in a focus reduction neutralization test except for MAb 2A10G6, which was analyzed by a plaque reduction neutralization test) are derived from data given in the original publications in nanomolar concentrations, nanograms per milliliter, or micrograms per milliliter. For easier comparison, IC50 values are presented as both nanomolar concentrations and nanograms per milliliter.

  • b Strains H/PF 2013 and SZ01 have 99.8% identical amino acids in E. NT, neutralization test.

  • c Neutralizing non-E binding MAbs.

  • d “Dimer-dimer” interface DII.