Table 1.

Overview of bacterial virus families

FamilyCapsid morphologyAdditional feature(s)Genome typeNo. of complete genomesaExample
MyoviridaeIcosahedralTail (contractile)dsDNA, L134T4
SiphoviridaeIcosahedralTail (long noncontractile)dsDNA, L268λ
PodoviridaeIcosahedralTail (short noncontractile)dsDNA, L98T7
TectiviridaeIcosahedralInternal membranedsDNA, L4PRD1
CorticoviridaeIcosahedralInternal membranedsDNA, C1PM2
PlasmaviridaePleomorphicEnvelopeddsDNA, C1L2
MicroviridaeIcosahedralNonenvelopedssDNA, C15φX174
InoviridaeFilamentousLong flexible or short rigidssDNA, C29M13
CystoviridaeIcosahedralEnveloped, multilayereddsRNA, L, S5φ6
LeviviridaeIcosahedralNonenvelopedssRNA, L7MS2
  • a The number of complete genome sequences was obtained from GenBank and does not include the genome sequences available for different isolates of the same virus strain. Families Myoviridae, Siphoviridae, and Podoviridae are grouped into the order Caudovirales. L, linear; C, circular; S, segmented.