Table 1

Conservation of Hut enzyme sequences

Enzymea% Amino acid sequence identity/% amino acid similarityb
HutH (histidase)82/9079/8544/6344/6043/60
HutU (urocanase)89/9586/9263/7959/7235/53
HutI (IPase)70/8335/6940/7036/50 (39/51)34/51
HutG (FIGase)67/75NA23/46NANA
P. putida HutF(36/52)
P. putida HutG(Ps)(24/38)
  • a Unless noted otherwise, the enzymes are from Klebsiella pneumoniae, and the protein sequences of the other organisms are compared to them.

  • b Determined by a BLAST search. The numbers in parentheses represent comparison to the corresponding Pseudomonas putida sequence. NA, not applicable.