Table 2

Conservation of HutT gene orthologs

Protein (species)a% Amino acid sequence identity/% amino acid similarityb
ProY (Ppu)PA5097 (Pae)ProY (Kpn)HutM (Bsu)
HutT (Pfl)85/9278/8860/7835/56
ProY (Ppu)76/8559/7636/57
PA5097 (Pae)62/7936/58
ProY (Kpn)36/58
  • a HutT of P. fluorescens has been shown to be a histidine transporter (129, 174); it is not known whether it also transports urocanate, but it seems likely that it does. The other proteins in the first column are orthologous, encoded by part of the hut operon in the corresponding species, and almost certainly homologous to hutT. Note that ProY (indicated as HutT in Fig. 4) of K. pneumoniae is a urocanate transporter (136). Species designations: Pfl, P. fluorescens; Ppu, P. putida; Pae, P. aeruginosa; Kpn, K. pneumoniae; Bsu, B. subtilis.

  • b Determined by a BLAST search.