List of proteins identified by mass spectrometry in association with the DRM fraction of B. subtilis membranesa

ProteinFunctionFunctional categoryReference(s)
FloAFlotillinScaffold protein40
FloTFlotillinScaffold protein40, 49
KinCSensor kinaseSignaling40
McpABCSensor proteinSignaling120
OppAPeptide transporterSignaling40, 58, 120
OpuACPeptide transporterSignaling40, 58, 120
FtsHAAA proteaseCell wall metabolism40, 58, 120
FtsXCell division proteinCell wall metabolism120
Pbp5Penicillin-binding proteinCell wall metabolism58, 120
TagUPhosphotransferaseCell wall metabolism120
GtaBBiosynthesis of teichoic acidCell wall metabolism120
MreCCell shape-determining proteinCell wall metabolism58
ErzACell division proteinCell wall metabolism58
FhuDSiderophore uptakeIron uptake58, 120
YclQPetrobactin uptakeIron uptake58, 120
YfiYAthrobactin uptakeIron uptake58
YhfQIron/citrate uptakeIron uptake58
FeuABacillibactin uptakeIron uptake40, 58, 120
FeuBBacillibactin uptakeIron uptake40, 58
SecYTranslocase proteinProtein secretion120
SppASignal peptidaseProtein secretion120
PrsATranslocase proteinProtein secretion40, 58
YxeMABC transporterMembrane transport58, 120
RbsBABC transporter58
YxeBABC transporter58
YwjAABC transporter58
YknZABC transporter58
GltTGlutamate uptakeUptake of metabolites120
MntAManganese uptake120
RbsBRibose uptake120
AcsAAcetyl-CoA synthetaseEnergy metabolism120
AtpDATP synthase120
AtpGATP synthase120
NagANAG utilization120
PtsISugar transport120
QoxAQuinol oxidase40, 58, 120
ResCCytochrome c biogenesis120
SdhASuccinate dehydrogenase120
BdbDThiol-disulfide oxidoreductase40, 58, 120
  • a NAG, N-acetylglucosamine.