Compositions of media used to grow planktonic cultures and to support biofilm formation in Candida albicans biofilm models

MediumaCarbon source (per liter)Remaining contents (per liter)
YNB medium9 g dextrose2 μg biotin, 400 μg calcium pantothenate, 2 μg folic acid, 2,000 μg inositol, 400 μg niacin, 200 μg p-aminobenzoic acid, 400 μg pyridoxine hydrochloride, 200 μg riboflavin, 400 μg thiamine hydrochloride, 500 μg boric acid, 40 μg copper sulfate, 40 μg potassium iodide, 200 μg ferric chloride, 400 μg manganese sulfate, 200 μg sodium molybdate, 400 μg zinc sulfate, 1 g potassium phosphate monobasic, 500 mg magnesium sulfate, 100 mg sodium chloride, 100 mg calcium chloride, 10 mg l-histidine-HCl, 20 mg methionine, 20 mg tryptophan 2
YPD20 g dextrose20 g Bacto peptone, 10 g yeast extractb
sLee's medium12.5 g dextrose5 g NaCl, 5 g ammonium sulfate, 2.5 g potassium phosphate dibasic, 1.3 g l-leucine, 1 g l-lysine, 0.5 g l-alanine, 0.5 g l-phenylalanine, 0.5 g l-proline, 0.5 g l-threonine, 0.2 g magnesium sulfate, 0.1 g l-methionine, 70 mg l-ornithine, 70 mg l-arginine, 1 mg d-biotin, 0.1 mM zinc sulfate
Spider medium10 g mannitold10 g nutrient broth,c 2 g K2HPO4
SD medium20 g dextrose1.45 g yeast nitrogen base without amino acids and ammonium sulfate, 5 g ammonium sulfate, 50 mg uracil, 110 mg l-tryptophan, 180 mg l-leucine, 90 mg l-histidine, 30 mg l-methionine
Sabouraud's medium20 g glucose10 g Bacto peptone
RPMI 1640 (MOPS) mediume2 g dextrose0.1 g calcium nitrate·4H2O, 48 mg magnesium sulfate, 0.4 g potassium chloride, 2 g sodium bicarbonate, 6 g sodium chloride, 0.8 g sodium phosphate dibasic, 0.2 g l-arginine, 50 mg l-asparagine, 20 mg l-aspartic acid, 65.2 mg l-cystine·2HCl, 20 mg l-glutamic acid, 10 mg glycine, 15 mg l-histidine, 20 mg hydroxy-l-proline, 50 mg l-isoleucine, 50 mg l-leucine, 40 mg l-lysine·HCl, 15 mg l-methionine, 15 mg l-phenylalanine, 20 mg l-proline, 30 mg l-serine, 20 mg l-threonine, 5 mg l-tryptophan, 28 mg l-tyrosine·2Na·2H2O, 20 mg l-valine, 0.2 mg d-biotin, 3 mg choline chloride, 1 mg folic acid, 35 mg myo-inositol, 1 mg niacinamide, 1 mg p-aminobenzoic acid, 0.25 mg d-pantothenic acid, 1 mg pyridoxine·HCl, 0.2 mg riboflavin, 1 mg thiamine·HCl, 5 mg vitamin B12, 1 mg glutathione (reduced), 5.3 mg phenol red·Na, 0.3 g l-glutamine, 35 g MOPS
  • a YNB, yeast nitrogen base, defined; YPD, yeast extract-peptone-dextrose, undefined; Spider medium, undefined; SD medium, synthetic defined medium, defined; Sabouraud's medium, undefined; RPMI 1640 (MOPS), defined; sLee's medium, Lee's medium (185) supplemented with arginine, biotin, and zinc according to the method of Bedell and Soll (186), defined.

  • b Bacto peptone is produced by peptic digestion of animal tissue. Yeast extract is made by extracting the yeast cell content from the cell wall. It is undefined.

  • c Nutrient broth is composed of the following per liter: 1 g beef extract, 2 g yeast extract, 5 g peptone, and 5 g NaCl. It is undefined.

  • d Note that Spider medium is the only medium that contains mannitol, a sugar alcohol, rather than dextrose as a carbon source. Mannitol is produced by plants, algae, fungi, and select bacteria but is not produced in abundance by humans.

  • e RPMI 1640 medium without MOPS is referred to as RPMI 1640, and that with MOPS is referred to as RPMI 1640 (MOPS).