Review of the models, substrates, media, assay times, and assays employed for transcriptional profiling of Candida albicans biofilms

Authors, yr (reference)ModelSubstrateMediumaAssay time(s) (h)Platform (source)
García-Sánchez et al., 2004 (246)FlowThermanoxYNB medium48–72Microarray (Eurogentec)
Murillo et al., 2005 (247)DouglasTissue culture plasticHam's F-12 medium0.5–6.5Microarray (Affymetrix)
Yeater et al., 2007 (248)DouglasSilicone elastomer, denture acrylicYNB medium6, 12, 48Microarray (in-house)
Sellam et al., 2009 (292)FlowSilicone elastomerYPD1, 3, 6Microarray (Biotechnology Research Institute)
Nett et al., 2009 (195)Venous catheterCatheter wallBlood12, 24Microarray (Biotechnology Research Institute)
Bonhomme et al., 2011 (244)FlowThermanoxSD medium24, 32, 40Microarray (Eurogentec)
Nobile et al., 2012 (200)DouglasTissue culture plasticSpider medium48Microarray (Agilent Technology), RNA-Seq
Desai et al., 2013 (197)DouglasTissue culture plasticSpider medium48RNA-Seq (Illumina GA2 solid system)
Fox et al., 2015 (245)DouglasTissue culture plasticSpider medium8, 24, 48Microarray (Agilent Technology)
  • a The compositions of the media are given in Table 1.